BMSB Treatment Appointment Request Form

Please review our terms of use below.

Container Seals

Smart Play Distribution must remove all container seals delivered to for Heat Treatment to their facility. Smart Play will replace and close the container doors after treatment with a certified bolt seal and mark the seal number on the bill of lading.

Loading of Container by Shipper and Smart Play Handling Fees

Containers must be loaded in a manner that will allow access by Smart Play staff to place calibrated temperature sensors to all sides and back of containers.  For any containers arriving at Smart Play Distribution for treatment that require product to be moved either partially or fully unloaded to gain necessary access, Smart Play Distribution is automatically authorized to begin moving product without prior notification. A minimum charge of $200 applies with an hourly rate of $100 per hour.

All machinery, equipment and vehicles must have fuel tanks drained before treatment.

All machinery, equipment and vehicles with fuel tanks must be drained to an absolute minimum level before treatment.  Any cargo arriving at Smart Play with full fuel tanks may be refused treatment.

Appointment Time and Truck Procedures

Truck arrival – All trucks must arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to check in. Any trucks arriving past their scheduled appointment time must check in within 15 minutes of their appointment time otherwise their slot will be given away. Trucks arriving 15 minutes or later past their appointment time are subject to an automatic late fee of $250 payable by the appointment requesting party. Smart Play will endeavor to fit or work the late truck in on the current working day, however if it is not possible a cancellation fee of $1,200 will apply and the appointment will need to be rebooked.

No Detention Paid

All treatment time periods are an estimate and can vary based upon the ambient temperature or matters outside of the control of Smart Play. Smart Play will do as much as possible to finish treatments within the estimated time period however under no circumstances will Smart Play be held responsible for any truck related detention charges.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

All appointments needing to be cancelled or rescheduled to a different day must be done with a minimum of 48 hours notice. All reschedules or cancellations not made with the required notice will be charged a non negotiable $1,200. Smart Play will attempt to work in appointments requiring a reschedule for the same day at an alternative time at no extra cost. If Smart Play is unavailable to change the appointment to the newly requested time the original appointment will stand and become subject to a $1,200 cancellation fee if cancellation or reschedule is still required.

General Waiver

Heat Treatment is a proven method that is used every day on a wide variety of commodities including complex machinery with electronics and has been proven a safe and effective means of BMSB Treatment compliance for Australia and New Zealand. Heat treatment involves placing multiple temperature sensors and raising the temperature of the air around the product to a minimum 57 degrees Celsius for a sustained period of 30 minutes. Smart Play has several methods of placing temperature sensors however product may need to be moved to accommodate correct placement. Additionally, to ensure proper transfer of heated air, any shipment coverings or shrink wrap will need to be cut and partially or fully removed to allow proper heat transfer. While product damage during any stage of treatment is unlikely, Smart Play and any of its affiliates used during treatment or product handling will not be held responsible if any damages or issues occur during or after treatment is completed.

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