Smart Play’s Warehouse

Smart Play’s warehousing is strategically located in Surrey, British Columbia, close to major ports in Vancouver

Surrey, BC is also well positioned for rail and truck based transportation, making it ideal for distribution across the US and Canada. With truck and rail easy to source, freight rates are substantially lower for shipments bound for destinations across North America.

Smart Efficiency

Distributors and manufacturers who have supply chain origins overseas also benefit highly from Smart Play’s optimization programs.

We specialize in optimizing and consolidating international shipments to help companies save on shipment fees by minimizing space.

Smart Play offers heated dry space food-grade warehousing.

We typically work with clients in the food & beverage industry (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as e-commerce and technology companies from around the world.


We’re an excellent choice for companies warehousing and shipping goods bound for companies based in the USA (and Canada) due to:

  • Our easy access to both land and sea distribution channels
  • The substantial discount of the Canadian dollar (compared to US pricing)
  • Easy warehouse storage and quick distribution across the US and Canada by rail and truck
  • Our shipping optimization that helps consolidate freight costs for customers
  • Our ability to quickly source rail and freight for a responsive deployment across the US and Canada
  • And much more…

Customized Solutions

Smart Play also uses its business acumen and cost-cutting strategies to handle innumerable details.

We provide services designed to offer better communication between distribution centres, shippers, transportation carriers and even customs agencies.

Our organization understands that each supply chain is unique.

That’s why we seek out options that fit your network and provide every client with the means to visibly trace their inventory and grow or shrink according to their specific warehousing needs.

Looking for a distribution or warehousing solution?

Have questions? Would you like to discuss a customized solution for your business needs? We’re here to help.

With BMSB treatment, warehousing, container services, and distribution channels all at our fingertips, we’ve developed an end-to-end solution that removes the headaches of moving and storing freight.