BMSB Stink Bug Treatment

Smart Play & Orkin Canada - Approved 2020-2021 BMSB Treatment

Fast, Safe and Effective.  BMSB Heat Treatments. Conducted in Canada and Completed the same day. Machinery, Vehicles, Cargo and Containers of all kinds.

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Exporting from Canada to Australia and New Zealand? BMSB Treatment is Mandatory. We can help!

Here at Smart Play, we understand that Fumigating and Treating containers is a stressful procedure. Our team of experts is here to help every step of the way.

Most commodities shipped from Canada must be treated.  Untreated shipments may be refused entry in Australia or New Zealand and returned at your cost!  Don’t risk thousands of dollars, have your shipment treated before exporting with Smart Play!

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Smart Play is the exclusive partner with Orkin Canada.  All Orkin Canada treatments are conducted at our warehouse in Surrey, BC to ensure an Approved, Fast, Safe and treatment.

All treatments must be conducted by an Australia and New Zealand government approved provider.  List of approved providers below.

The Smart Play facility performs more than 20+ treatments daily. We treat all sizes and types of containers including Open Top, Flat Racks, RoRo and Break Bulk cargo. Our treatments are typically completed in 3-6 hours after arrival at our facility.

The Smart Play treatment center is centrally located in Surrey, BC and we treat cargo that originates from all over Canada. Containers can be delivered directly to our facility or we can arrange for them to be pulled from the Vancouver Ports or Rail terminals, treated and returned the same day.

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With BMSB treatment, warehousing, container services, and distribution channels all at our fingertips, we’ve developed an end-to-end solution that removes the headaches of moving and storing freight.